Websites by Heather Y Wheeler


Current Websites by Heather Y Wheeler

Coded YellowCoded Yellow – Pokémon News, Views and Information


Tudor Nation
Tudor Nation – Information about the Tudors


1066 Historian
1066 Historian – information about my guided 1066 History tours in Pevensey and Battle, East Sussex


Trees of Blue – A collection of British Royal Family Trees


Tiffany Macbeth
Tiffany Macbeth – An educational website for children


History Key Skills Link PictureHistory Key Skills – information about the skills needed by a historian


Rewind 365Rewind 365 – popular culture of bygone years (work in progress)



Websites I have sold to new owners that are still in existence (Jul 2022)

Many people buy websites not realising the amount of work that is required to maintain them. Sadly many I have sold on have been taken down.

Totally Timelines – now The Timeline Geek – sold November 2022

Understanding Wars – sold February 2018

Stories from History – sold September 2016

Natural History on the Net – sold June 2016

Educational Word Lists – sold June 2015.

Learn a Rhyme – sold June 2015

History on the Net – sold March 2013